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Some Facts about Nahan

NAHAN (Distt. Sirmaur) Himachal

Nahan a place in foot hills of Shivalik  Range, is an old and historical town of Sirmaur district H.P., A town built in past independence Era by Maharaja's of Sirmaur Riasat, this town has the oldest Municipal Committee of India, set up by British in 19th century, the trend of M.C. starts from here in India.


In 1814 when Gurkhas's were on fight under the leadership of 'Sohan Singh Thapa', the Maharaja of Sirmaur Riasat took help from British Empire to protect and defend his territory and on dated 27th March 1814, British fought Gurkha's in Jamta(Jaitak), This place has historical significance, it is on a hill top near Nahan. Nahan has one of the best and oldest sewerage and sanitation system of india, which is still working as setup by Maharaja of Sirmaur till date.